Lightning Bolt Factory

Our Cutting-Edge Lightning Bolt Factory Is First In Market

At Magnet360, our innovative solutions are on the cutting edge, helping bring you what you need before you even know you need it. And we’re here to prove it by being the first and only Salesforce partner to have a Lighting Bolt Factory.

What is a Lightning Bolt Factory, you ask? The most alluring benefit of our Lightning Bolt Factory is that customers are able to pick and choose from our library of pre-built Lightning Components, like Geo Location and Appointment Scheduler. Customers sometimes find that pre-existing solutions only meet half of their needs, and that’s where our factory comes in to save the day with its flexibility and customization for unique solutions.

We use our leading industry expertise and unparalleled platform knowledge to build Salesforce Lightning-based solution accelerators tailored to specific industries – like healthcare and manufacturing. Magnet360’s solution accelerators ConsumerConnect 360, Patient Engage, and Connected Manufacturing are included in the Lightning Bolt Factory. Not to mention our solutions can be deployed at 20 percent more quickly than a ground-up solution, saving you time and money.

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