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We have seen the future of CRM, and Salesforce Lightning is its name. You may have once hesitated to flip the switch, but you can wait no more. It’s time to plug in, and Magnet360’s Lightning Transition Offerings will help you with every step of your transition—from Salesforce Classic to the electrifying sensation of Lightning.

The introduction of Salesforce Lightning was the single biggest evolutionary step in CRM since Salesforce itself was launched. The improved UI experience (LEX) boosts user productivity in every moment. The Lightning Framework allows companies to get up and running faster, and provides flexibility through the use of Lightning Components. If you have not yet sparked the Lightning revolution in your organization, there is no better time than now.

Magnet360’s Lightning Transition Offerings are designed to help you accelerate the process to transformation. Our offerings include Lightning readiness assessment, training, transitioning, deployment, and stability testing. We’ll get you up and running, harnessing the power of Lightning, and seeing speed to value in no time.

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