Patient Engage

Patient Engage: Start a Healthcare Revolution

The rapidly-changing landscape of healthcare, information privacy, regulations, and healthcare technologies has fostered a rapid digital transformation in the sector. What’s more, patients are now also consumers. And consumers demand service, engagement, and experiences.

Our Lightning Bolt Factory-crafted solution accelerator, Patient Engage, will give your brand the competitive edge today’s marketplace requires. With its rapidly deployable, scalable, out-of-the-box digital experience platform, you’ll be able to offer healthcare consumers world-class service and meaningful engagement from pre-care to post-care.

With Patient Engage, you can now enable true patient engagement using real-time health data to personalize service experiences with a custom-tailored Care Plan. Digital engagement allows for delivery of timely, proactive health tips, updates, assessments, incentives, and follow-up reminders – all while being HIPAA compliant.

This innovative accelerator benefits everyone, driving results from both business and healthcare perspectives. Patient Engage will give you a jumpstart on the digital transformation that customers and the marketplace demand, while benefitting from the speed to value that your bottom line requires.

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