Salesforce IoT Starter Package

Connect to Everything with Magnet360's Salesforce IoT Starter Package 

Magnet360’s IoT Starter Package is designed to help connect your brand to…well, just about everything.   

Harnessing the reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the power of Salesforce IoT Explorer, Magnet360 can take your company from zero to eleven in six weeks with a complete, deployed, functional IoT solution. Our ability to rapidly deploy the solution creates a speed-to-value proposition, allowing you to leverage data gleaned from your connected devices and transform it into engaging customer experiences–and finally monetize your existing IoT investment.

Getting you connected to the universe only takes four steps, and when your solution goes live, we’ll make sure that the process is as smooth as a yacht rock ballad. It will be stable. It will report success metrics to management. It will create value.

And you can start seeing an ROI on the IoT.  

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