Maximizing Your Salesforce Investment with MuleSoft Integration

When you committed to Salesforce to make a digital transformation, your brand made a smart investment of time, financial, and human resources. But are you maximizing your Salesforce investment? Unless Salesforce is efficiently integrated across your entire enterprise, you’re not. This is where MuleSoft comes in. With MuleSoft, you can seamlessly integrate your enterprise processes, systems, and applications to work in harmony with each other. MuleSoft is a single-decision, scalable solution for the enterprise integration challenge. Magnet360 can help get you started in realizing the full potential of your Salesforce investment by integrating with on-premise and cloud platforms using MuleSoft.


Discover MuleSoft’s Power with Magnet360

Leading by Design

MuleSoft is a design-first, API-led integration platform with “design once, deploy anywhere” capabilities. This means that it is almost infinitely customizable to integrate most enterprise solutions. MuleSoft integrates all an organization’s applications across multiple locations or clouds, and accelerates common business functions. MuleSoft has multiple layers that interact with your enterprise from a centralized platform. And unlike other integration platforms, MuleSoft is delivered with on-board connectors designed to work with most major technology solutions. Cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-premises integration, or both: MuleSoft can handle it all.


Discover What Magnet360 + MuleSoft Can Do for Your Brand

While MuleSoft has connectors that are predesigned to accelerate integrations, certain specialized endpoints—such as Salesforce—require expertise specific to the endpoint itself. This is where Magnet360 comes in. We have a depth of integration experience across leading global enterprises, as well as industry-leading Salesforce expertise. Our MuleSoft Discovery Offering can help you better understand how integration will maximize your Salesforce investment.

  • Stakeholder identification
  • List of L.O.B. & prioritization for API adoption
  • Detailed plan of workshops, working sessions, and meetings

  • Understanding of business objectives
  • Understand vision for enterprise architecture
    and security policies
  • Understand partner ecosystem

  • Elaboration of high-level API expectations
  • Identify key milestones and high-level API roadmap
  • Identify potential challenges in API adoption

  • Comprehensive API strategy, roadmap, and objectives
  • Detailed pointers for API design and discovery
  • Definition of API security and mapping of security levels to API


Why Magnet360

At Magnet360, we live and breathe Salesforce. As a cutting-edge partner since 2004, we tap into the transformational potential of Salesforce to change the way you do business. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your business first, applying exceptional know-how to create a solution that fits your specific needs and delivers tangible results. As The Mindtree Salesforce Practice, we have access to a wealth of technological resources to push the platform even further—ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Plus, our Rockin culture attracts industry-leading top talent who are also fun to work with. It’s time to Amplify Your Salesforce Possibilities.

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