Analytics and AI

What if we told you that it’s within your reach to uncover insights and automate tasks using artificial intelligence? Built into the Salesforce platform, Einstein’s specialized features are designed to predict outcomes, recommend actions, and automate tasks so your employees can work smarter, not harder. Because of its futuristic approach, artificial intelligence (AI) has sometimes felt like a mythical dream that’s available only to the most astute and technically-savvy aficionados—but Einstein makes it become real. Magnet360 will help you get your current Salesforce instance clean and ready, so AI can be integrated into the unique fabric of your business.

Our Einstein solutions can

  • Put analytics and rich data insights within reach
  • Predict outcomes and recommend actions
  • Automate tasks, freeing up employees for other tasks
  • Help marketing teams understand user preferences
  • Assist sales and service reps identifyinventory and product issues
  • Analyze language by mimicking the human brain, therefore unlocking insights

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