Digital Analytics

Leveraging data – and being able to produce actionable recommendations from mountains of data – are table stakes skills for Commerce. We collaborate with you on this journey to data-driven decisioning by starting with business objectives to determine commerce and user experience KPIs, success metrics. We can evaluate & optimize existing analytics platform configurations or do new implementations; set up dashboards and reporting views in multiple ways to ensure we deliver valuable analysis and insights with actionable recommendations to drive business results.
Digital Analytics

Our Digital Analytics services:

Analytics Strategic Alignment

Digital Analytics is the key to managing and prioritizing website initiatives and can be an invaluable input when determining customer behavior trends and storefront features.

Brands & Manufacturers may pour thousands of dollars into online marketing campaigns and lead gen opportunities, but if there are no analytics to provide campaign effectiveness, you will never be able to figure out whether or not your marketing strategy is working.

This engagement is ideal for helping organizations:

  • Determine key user trends & user demographics.
  • Find opportunities for new growth.
  • Find opportunities for site experience and customer journey improvement.

Analytics Tracking Calibration

Digital Analytics is only as useful as the data available. Many Brands & Manufacturers look to leverage Digital Analytics to gain insights only to realize the data they’re looking for is not being captured.

Provides a prescriptive deliverable of suggested tagging improvements and future KPIs.

This engagement is ideal for helping organizations:

  • Address key business KPIs.
  • Align their data objects and campaign tracking elements.
  • Implement Digital Analytics & tagging updates needed on their storefront.
  • Create reports based on new data functionality.

Analytics Insights & Recommendation

The most powerful aspect of the  Digital Analytics journey  focuses on client empowerment by way of training and recommendations based on insights gained thru analysis.

Report set-up and maintenance upkeep directions will be presented. along with documentation of custom segments, dimensions, and events. Initial data analysis will be conducted and insights will be communicated to project team as well as on an ongoing basis to track baselines, impacts from storefront changes and spot trends

This engagement is ideal for helping organizations:

  • Become empowered to read and understand next level
    Digital Analytics (beyond just traffic and transactions).
  • Discover optimization opportunities based on actual storefront interaction.
  • Understanding unique differences in performance between multiple user segments.

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