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As 2018 came to a close, Magnet360 relocated its headquarters to a brand new office. To celebrate this milestone, we recently had our Grand Opening event. The move and the celebration have both been a big success and keep us excited for what the future holds for Magnet360, Mindtree, our Partners and Customers!

Our new office has several spaces to learn, collaborate, innovate, and even take a break when you just need a refresh. One of these spaces, The Garage—a high-tech collaboration and innovation space—was featured during our recent Grand Opening event, the Executive Experience.  We held this session for a group of customer executives and had them fully experience what Magnet360 does in The Garage—both whiteboarding and workshopping along with viewing state-of-the-art tech demos. The theme behind our innovation center is based off the success stories that have come from a simple garage for the likes of start-ups in Silicon Valley and rock bands. Our Garage, however, is a bit more technologically advanced than those of old. The space features interactive touchscreen monitors, a large-scale rotating mobile monitor, multi-screen persona demos and more to maximize team productivity and engagement.

Starting the evening off was a ribbon cutting ceremony and speeches from special speakers and guests Matt Meents, CEO and Founder of Magnet360, Rostow Ravanan, CEO and founder of Mindtree, and Peter Doolan, EVP of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Salesforce. United States Senator Amy Klobuchar even sent in a virtual greeting speaking about how prominent and valuable the tech industry is in Minnesota. Following this was a Green Room full of clients, prospects, and friends of the company, with networking, food, drinks and live music. The Green Room is a space not just for employees to grab snacks and lunch, it also has stadium seating to fit extra guests for events like our Grand Opening, and Rockin Rallies—where we have a global quarterly business review meeting.


A few of the other notable spaces in our new office:

  • Sound of Silence: a library-like room, because sometimes you need a quiet space to work, away from the office bustle.
  • Enya: created for meditation, yoga, prayer, reading or scheduled massages—this is a technology-free, time-for-me space.
  • Mothers’ Room: to make the transition back to work feel as comfortable as possible, we set aside a private quiet space for new mothers to use.

We are excited about all our new space has to offer not just for our employees, but for our partners and customers alike as we continue to digitally transform businesses.



Watch more from our Grand Opening event, here.