We Crank It To 11 Every Day.

Values We Live By

Why settle for 3 when you can take it to 11? At Magnet360, our culture and core values drive our customers to innovation and beyond.


Collaborative Spirit 

We believe in developing true partnerships and fostering an environment where individual perspectives are welcome and honest dialogue is expected—whether you’re a customer, partner, or colleague. As a customer, we are your guide, advising you at every step of your Salesforce journey. Always by your side, we translate technical jargon and transfer our knowledge to you. And you never have to worry about enthusiasm and positivity—we’ve got that covered.


Unrelenting Dedication 

Fully invested in your outcomes and ROI, we establish trust from conception to fruition— whether we’re strategizing, talking through solutions with you, or amplifying your Salesforce possibilities through outcomes. We’ll earn your trust by staying true to our commitments and by overcoming challenges with determination and grit. Have a question? We’re on it.  We communicate with a sense of urgency, agility, and thoughtfulness to ensure you’re in the loop, always. We’re only satisfied when we’re taking it to the next level and exceeding expectations.


Expert Thinking 

Salesforce is a platform built in the age of innovation. We embrace the power of iteration through our agile processes, getting to the core of the challenges you face and using our expertise to find the true transformational solution. Leveraging our robust skills and bold perspectives, you’ll never find us standing still.



Rockin is the inevitable harmony and electricity that emerges from true collaboration with our customers, partners, and employees. The energy is undeniable as we transform your business. And the best part? We make it fun.

We’re honored to take the stage. Check out our Awards.

Interested in joining our band? We are always recruiting new band members. Check out our available positions. Bonus points if you are a drummer. 


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Let's Connect

Let's Connect