Gabby Matzdorff

Gabby Matzdorff

Chief Financial Officer 

Gabby is a financial business leader with over 20 years of experience in audit and financial services. Upon graduating from the University of Iowa, she worked for KPMG in Des Moines, Iowa. Gabby joined Allianz Life in 1990, becoming the controller of the newly merged Allianz Life and LifeUSA in 1999, and was promoted to CFO in 2002. During her tenure as CFO, the company experienced tremendous growth and success, with operating profit increasing to over $600 million and invested assets growing beyond $70 billion. Earlier in her career, Gabby was recognized by the Business Journal as one of the 40 Under 40 honorees. 

As the CFO of Magnet360, Gabby is focused on financial performance, process, information, and controls, as well as providing business expertise and leadership. Focused on philanthropy,  Gabby is on the board of the Boys and Girls Club Voyageurs Environmental Center, and is a member of the Sierra Club.

Fun Facts

  • If you could tour with a music artist/band (dead or alive) who would you pick? Wow. Just one? That’s hard. I am going to pick the Railbenders. They’re a local Colorado band that plays at fun venues and have a great group of loyal followers. Mostly country and always fun. My favorite song of theirs is a remake of Crazy by Ozzy, but with a country flair—gotta love that.
  • What is your ideal day of PTO? Wake up early without an alarm on a beautiful summer day. Fit in exercise, a water ski or two, and relax on the boat. It’s best if there’s not an agenda, and you just find the fun along the way.
  • In a movie about your life, what actor/actress would you pick to play you? Meryl Streep.
  • Share something that would surprise people about you? I love to run and have ran about 15 marathons. Locally my favorite is Grandma’s—I love running along the North Shore. My favorite destination marathon was Big Sur in California. The course follows scenic CA Highway 1 from Big Sur to Carmel which is an amazing route.
  • Choose 3 words to describe what makes Magnet360 stand out from the crowd? People, culture, Rockin.