Josh Youman

Josh Youman

Vice President of Talent

As a talent and human resources professional in the Twin Cities for the last 27+ years, Josh has overseen talent acquisition and talent management programs in a variety of businesses and industries. For the past 18 years, Josh has been leading Talent and Human Resources functions within the technology and professional services arena.  Prior to that, he acquired valuable experience in management and human resources by working in retail and consulting services. 

Josh is passionate about shaping work environments, employment practices, and employee cultures where great people can come together, thrive, and reach new personal and professional heights. Today, he specializes in talent acquisition and talent management strategies and outcomes that drive retention, inspire employee morale, and drive business results for Magnet360. 

Fun Facts 

  •  If you could tour with a music artist/band (dead or alive) who would you pick? Darius Rucker and Hootie and the Blowfish
  •  What is your ideal day of PTO? A day game with my mother, father and brother – Philadelphia Phillies vs. the New York Mets at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark, including a soft pretzel with mustard. Then a walk down South Street (Philadelphia) for a cheesesteak dinner at Jim’s, including a Pepsi, Utz potato chips and Tastykakes for dessert. 
  •  In a movie about your life, what actor/actress would you pick to play you? Anthony Edwards. I’ve been told that I look like him. 
  • Share something that would surprise people about you? Before settling on Business, I majored in college for two years in Theater and Drama.  I was hoping to some day star in a Broadway musical. I confirmed in college that I could neither sing or dance very well and that I might have problems getting a job on Broadway. My parents were a little bit too supportive…it should not have taken two years in college for me to figure this out! 
  • Choose three words to describe what makes Magnet360 stand out from the crowd? Uniquely Talented People