Tina Sherman

Tina Sherman

Vice President and Chief Growth Officer 

Tina brings over 25 years of client management and business development experience to Magnet360. Throughout her career she has held leadership roles at national and global advertising agencies, integrated marketing firms, and just prior to joining Magnet360, a global experiential marketing firm. 

Since joining Magnet360 in 2009, Tina’s efforts and leadership have been critical to the company’s reputation in the Salesforce ecosystem. Her passion and focus on building key executive relationships has continually contributed to our revenue growth through joint sales with partners. 

Tina is a consummate networker and assists with our net new business development efforts with clients and prospects. Her wide range of client experience, overall business acumen, and strategic marketing insights help put customers at ease as she works to identify core business and brand challenges, and align Magnet360’s core services to each new partnership and initiative. 

 Fun Facts 

  • If you could tour with a music artist/band (dead or alive) who would you pick? Beyonce 
  • What is your ideal day of PTO? Beach, nap, boat, nap, repeat 
  • In a movie about your life, what actor/actress would you pick to play you? Selma Hayek 
  • Share something that would surprise people about you? I used to sing radio commercials 
  • Choose three words to describe what makes Magnet360 stand out from the crowd. Genuine, Energy, Brilliant.