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In an age of endless data collection and technology everywhere we turn, it’s no surprise that customers are expecting companies to know who they are. According to Evergage and Researchscape 2020 Trends in Personalization Study, “92% of marketers say their customers and prospects expect personalized experiences.” Salesforce Marketing Cloud has empowered marketers to leverage mass amounts of data to provide unique experiences for years. With Interaction Studio, they are now able to take that up a notch! Are you worried about the time it will take to create and deploy so many personalized communications? Don’t be! Interaction Studio does the heavy lifting for you so you can focus more on your marketing strategy.

So what is Interaction Studio?

Interaction Studio enables marketers to listen to known and unknown interactions with customers—understand their needs and act in real-time to deliver highly personalized experiences across touchpoints at scale. Through machine learning, insights can be uncovered from analytics data, listening to customer actions to learn their “affinities” and then delivered as unique experiences. Marketers can conduct A/B/n testing and view depth reports to understand what’s working and make data-backed decisions to optimize marketing efforts.

The best part?

This tool’s benefits go beyond the marketing team. Interaction Studio helps break down the silos we often see across Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce Cloud (and more) by sharing data to better understand how to approach the next best action with the customer. Interaction Studio goes beyond the click-through to consider multiple onsite actions such as active time on site, scroll depth, and hover; which, in combination with other channel events, creates a data-backed 360-view of the customer based on their interactions with your brand assets. Imagine your marketers having access to cross-channel data in one place for richer profiling and segmentation without the level of effort of preparing and merging that data for every campaign.

Now let’s see this come to life!

Whether retailers were ready for it or not, the shopping experience has changed drastically in 2020 and online sales are through the roof. According to the Salesforce Q1 2020 Shopping Index, digital revenue has grown 71% globally this year.

Let’s take a look at how it can enhance an online retail experience:

  • Jake is looking for a new sleeping bag for his camping excursion in a few weeks and starts browsing the Northern Trail Outfitters website. His kids need help with their online learning and he gets distracted from his shopping experience and forgets all about the sleeping bag.
  • Later that night, Jake spots an Instagram ad with the few sleeping bags he was interested in. He clicks on the ad and receives an offer to get 20% off his next purchase of $100 or more. The sleeping bag didn’t quite get him to the $100 mark so he decided he would search for another small item tomorrow.
  • Jake woke up to an email from Northern Trail Outfitters with a reminder to use the offer, alongside a few links to the sleeping bags he was interested in as well as sleeping pads that other customers have purchased at the same time. Jake heads to the Northern Trail Outfitters website to fill his cart and purchases the sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Does Interaction Studio work with other industries? Absolutely! Let’s explore how this could benefit an insurance company:

  • Lela recently purchased a new vehicle and searches for the right auto policy. Her family has great things to say about Flexi Insurance so she purchases an auto policy with them.
  • Since she’s a new auto policyholder with Flexi Insurance, she gets an added three-month onboarding journey—to learn more about the policy, how to keep her rates low, and more about what Flexi Insurance has to offer.
  • In their latest email, she sees they also sell homeowner’s insurance and clicks to learn more, as she’s planning to purchase a home within the next year. She gives it a glance and moves on.
  • A few weeks later she is unable to login to the app to pay her auto insurance policy so she calls Customer Service for help. Customer Service quickly helps her log back in and notices she was also browsing information on homeowner’s insurance. While she’s on the phone, they ask if she would like to learn more and Lela is very interested. Customer Service drops Lela into a journey to receive information on their homeowner’s policy to remain top of mind for when she purchases her home.

These are just a few examples of the endless ways that Interaction Studio can enhance a customer’s experience. By delivering real-time personalized engagements, you’re building loyalty and retention for the future, leading to an increase in conversion rate and ultimately a reduction in cost to serve.